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The Chronic Wound Epidemic
Right now, an estimated 6.7 million Americans are
suffering with chronic, non-healing wounds.
Cost of Chronic Wounds
Cost to treat advanced wounds to exceeds
$50 billion annually in the US.
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A few simple facts about Wound Care
An estimated 6.7 million people in the U.S. are suffering from chronic, non-healing wounds.
People with an amputation have a 50% mortality rate within 5 years.
30.3 million Americans are living with diabetes. Up to 25% will experience a foot ulcer.
People living with limb loss are more likely to experience decreased life satisfaction.
Cost to treat chronic wounds exceeds $50 billion annually in the U.S.
Where are advanced wounds treated?
  • Hospital outpatient wound center – 40%
  • Hospital inpatient – 20%
  • Long term care facility – 5%
  • Physicians office, ambulatory surgery center or home health – 35%
Foot ulcers precede 80% of lower extremity amputations.
Estimated number of wound types per year:
  • Diabetic foot ulcer patients – 2,098,750
  • Venous leg ulcer patients – 817,244
  • Pressure ulcer patients – 2,906,336
  • Surgical/trauma wound patients – 519,923
  • Arterial ulcer patients – 388,730
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